Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sunday in Maple Leaf

This afternoon we went on a walk through the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. First we walked around for about a half hour on the west side of Roosevelt Way, then we stopped in for tea and pastries at The Blue Saucer. Sean got the Indian Chai tea and Shana got the herbal Scarlet tea. They were both scrumptious! We also chose a marionberry scone (among an array of baked goods) which was also amazing. They had an assortment of small local newspapers and magazines to read as well as a book exchange corner, where you take a book and leave a book. They also offer free wi-fi, but we weren't there to do homework today. :) We will definitely be returning and give this place four thumbs up!

After tea and scones, we finished our walk on the east side of Roosevelt Way. We ended up walking around here for over a half hour. It was a very quiet neighborhood with sidewalks everywhere and really unique houses - not like all those new age developments!

This was just one of many, though I'm not sure it was one of our favorites.

From certain areas we could see the Seattle skyline, which was pretty cool.

We came across this house with a really interesting yard. It's the end of January, so you expect to see people here and there with a few Christmas decorations still up, but these people obviously keep their decorations up all year long. And not only Christmas, they had Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Halloween, St Patrick's Day...they even had Super Bowl Sunday and Seafair decorations!! Along with a few random things like cows and chili peppers.

It was one of the most random, artsy types of outside decor we've ever seen. I'm sure alot of people would think this yard was pretty tacky, but we kind of liked it... even if we wouldn't do our yard just like it. :)

They have quite a few interesting little shops on Roosevelt Way, although alot of them were closed because it was Sunday. A few stood out to us though, like this one and the one shown below.

Sean checking out the plans for the development of the new Maple Leaf park which will be on top of the cap for the resevoir (he would... ;))

Shana with ear muffs on for the walks (my ears get painfully cold!)

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